We are currently collaborating with various toxics awareness campaigns in Sonoma County, California.

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Healthy Schools Sonoma County

This is a partnership between FACTS and Daily Acts.

  • We share resources with local schools, day care facilities, and preschools about best practices for healthy learning environments.

    • Sonoma County First Five

  • As part of Sonoma County Conservation Actions’ Toxic Free Futures Campaign, we successfully advocated Santa Rosa City Schools to revise their Integrative Pest Management Plan to eliminate the use of RoundUp and all other synthetic pesticides and herbicides for their 25 school campuses.

  • FACTS engaged local families at a city-wide maker's faire hosted by River Montessori School in Petaluma. We shared resources on non-toxic best practices and demonstrated principles of green chemistry through making all-natural lip balm.

  • FACTS Executive Director, Nichole Warwick, is a guest lecturer in the California Global Education Program through Sonoma State University’s School of Education. She educates teachers about environmental health, intersectional variables such as environmental and social justice, and how to create a non-toxic learning environment.

In Partnership with  Sonoma County Conservation Action

Toxic Free Futures Campaign

This collaborative is spearheaded by Sonoma County Conservation Action and includes local school representatives, government leaders, and community members.

  • Nichole Warwick and Megan Kaun spoke on Women’s Spaces KPPF Radio program about their path to becoming activists in removing toxic pesticides from the schools and public spaces, where they got their strength to speak out against the use of pesicides linked to causing cancer, and persist against the resistance of entrenched establishments, and how folks can join their organizations in addressing this issue at the local level.  (click on Women’s Spaces above to listen to their talk)

  • In support of Toxic Free Futures, we successfully gathered allies and advocates and worked with the cities of Santa Rosa and Windsor to ban all synthetic pesticides and herbicides in municipal areas (public held lands such as city parks, trails, etc.)

  • Nichole Warwick, spoke on a panel presentation to the No Name Women's Group, addressing children's health outcomes related to the use of glyphosate and other synthetic herbicides and pesticides in Sonoma County.

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Kill SB 649

  • Spear-headed by Co-Founder and President Lendri Purcell. We contacted assembly members and congressional representatives at the state level and sent them science-based resources on the health impacts of wireless on infants (including in utero), children, birds, pollinators, and plant life.

  • FACTS successfully partnered with California Alliance for Safer Technology in this campaign by reaching out to parent groups throughout the state via email and social media to educate them about this bill.