families advocating for chemical & toxics safety

FACTS was founded in 2017 by two North San Francisco Bay Area mothers who want to help connect families locally, regionally and across the country who are trying to keep their children safe from the ubiquitous toxic exposures in our modern world.

Parents are so busy these days, so our goal is to help them find quality information quickly. Our primary mission is to provide scientific, peer-reviewed research about the impacts of toxics on children's health and provide pathways to evidence-based resources on how to create a safer home and environment for your family.

For parents who want to address toxicant exposures in their communities, we provide resources such as templates, simple tool kits, and step-by-step guides to support advocacy and initiate healthy changes in their communities.

We are solutions-oriented and believe that we can make a difference. We have more power than we realize. We are building and cultivating a network of advocates who are learning the FACTS and taking action to protect the health of our future generations.

Through our daily actions, we can influence consumer trends and policies. We have no desire to reinvent any wheel,  create redundancy, or waste any precious resources going to this grossly under-funded space on environmental health. We simply have not found a parent-driven, one-stop shop out there that provides current, science-based, comprehensive information about how to keep our children safe and easy-to-use information about how to reduce exposures in our own homes and communities. 

We will consistently act as a clearinghouse and point people to the best resources out there (who to fund, where to go if your child has a medical issue related to toxics, best places to purchase non-toxic items, etc.). As we learn about other groups working on toxics awareness and use-reduction in the community, we will highlight those activists/groups and upload materials that maybe useful to a wider audience. Any and all information that we create will be open for any group to use and share. 

Fiscal Sponsorship and support

We are proud to be a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Environmental Health.

We are so grateful to our generous donors for supporting our work. Jonas Children’s Environmental Health, Jonas Philanthropies.

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Facts to action


1) Connects parents around the country and within their communities who want to work to reduce childhood toxics exposures.

2) Provides simple tool-kits for families who want to assess and even advocate for safer places for their children to learn and play.

3) Provides weekly actions families can take to reduce toxic exposures in their homes and community spaces via FACTS FaceBook

Some examples include:

- a simple guide for how to enquire about your schools’ pesticide use, sample policies for integrative pest management strategies that prioritize organic and/or non-toxic practices

-a sample letter to give to gymnastic gym owners about health issues associated with flame retardants in gym foam blocks and mats and ideas about how to make safer gym spaces

-letters to school boards and preschool owners about the importance of testing water fountains for lead

-folders on wireless safety for school boards considering going wireless.

In addition, we would like to:

- Create a map with groups of families around the country working to protect children from toxics

- Create a portal where parents can upload sample letters to school board members, other parents, local policy makers, etc. so that no one has to reinvent the wheel

-Highlight successes of individual parents and activist groups around the country working to create safer spaces for children