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There are several quality healthy school programs with toolkits for families, educators, and administrators to implement that make a difference in our children’s health and education. These are our favorite science-based and proven effective healthy school program recommendations:

Environmental protection agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Healthy Schools, Healthy Kids Program offers templates, webinar resources, and a comprehensive schools website with resources to establish, maintain, or enhance a school environmental health program. What we love about this program is its comprehensive approach. It provides templates, apps, and curricular suggestions for no idling, indoor air quality, non-toxic chemical management, safe drinking water, heavy metals, integrative pest management, waste reduction, non-toxic classroom supplies, and public recognition.

Grassroots Environmental Education: The childsafe School

Provides a step-by-step framework to help parents, teachers and administrators make their schools as environmentally safe as they can be, by adopting policies that prohibit the idling of school buses and other vehicles, mandate the use of safe cleaning products, and eliminate the use of pesticides on school grounds and playing fields. What we love about this program is that it addresses wireless technology, advocates for organic pest management, and provides advocacy guides for families. 

Center for Health, environment and Justice: The green flag program

A project of the national Child Proofing Our Communities Campaign. The program’s goal is to help communities make schools healthier while educating students about environmental issues. They offer a flexible three-step program with templates for environmental surveys, outreach letters to families, flyers and posters to help advance your school’s environmental behaviors. What we love about this program is the way it provides celebratory benchmarks along the way and recognition with the Green Flag of Environmental Leadership. 

Children’s Environmental Health Network’s Eco-Healthy Child Care Program

A national program that partners with child care professionals to eliminate or reduce environmental health hazards found within or around child care facilities. They have a checklist that provides 30 easy-to-follow steps to reduce environmental health hazards in your child care facility. They address safe drinking water, waste reduction, and non-toxic playground equipment, classroom supplies, cleaning, pest and chemical management. They also offer STEM educational components. Child care providers who comply with 24 of these steps can become EHCC endorsed.  


Sonoma County Conservation Action’s Toxic Free Future Campaign is working to eliminate synthetic herbicides from public spaces and schools throughout Sonoma County. We collaborate with SCCA’s Toxic Free Future Campaign and successfully partnered with Santa Rosa City School District to design and implement a least-toxic pest management plan that eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides on all 25 school campuses. They developed a Toolkit: Toxic Free Future Tools Training for community members who want to engage in inquiry, advocacy, and policy change.

Moms Advocating Sustainability

A Bay Area organization committed to creating healthy communities for children by reducing their exposure to household and environmental toxins. They advocate for pesticide-free policies and the use of nontoxic or safer alternatives at home as well as at the school-district, town, county and state level. MOMS Advocating Sustainability work primarily in Marin and through education and outreach to mothers and families, and also to policy makers, helping them to make better choices and providing information about effective alternatives. They provide toolkits for advocacy and action.

Parents for a Safer Environment

Bay Area leaders in the effort to eliminate the use of unnecessary pesticides in Contra Costa County and reduce environmental toxic exposures to protect our children, wildlife, and the environment. They engage in and provide templates for requesting public records, ensuring schools and municipalities toxic usages and practices are transparent and accountable, engaging stakeholders, training municipalities, communities, schools, and the private sector on best practices in non-toxic pest management.

MOms across america

Moms Across America is a national coalition of moms whose motto is “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.” Their mission is to raise awareness about toxics exposure, empower leadership, and create healthy communities. They educate and inspire mothers and others to transform the food industry and environment. They support local activities, initiate campaigns and share solutions nationwide to improve our health and freedoms through the Toxin Free Town Campaign.

MOMS Clean air force

A community of over 1,000,000 moms and dads united against air pollution – including the urgent crisis of our changing climate – to protect our children’s health. They provide members with reliable information and solutions through online resources, articles, action tools, and on-the-ground events.

Green Schools Alliance

Whole-School Sustainability centers on the imperative that to be successful, schools need to incorporate sustainable solutions into their physical place, organizational culture, and educational programs. Green Schools Alliance develops innovative tools and programs, in collaboration with schools, to guide sustainability champions toward achieving this goal.

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